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The "New" Word of Mouth

Consumer confidence has shifted in the last 5 years, with more and more trust being placed in social opinion in the form of online reviews and word of mouth referrals over traditional advertising.

Business owners using social media are increasingly happy with the results to their growth and bottom line. Social media is an outstanding way for businesses to connect with their most valuable asset, their customer.

The most successful dental practices are using social media and
here's why.

Who uses social media?
of online adults use some form of social media on a regular basis.


of online adults say they use facebook.
The average user spends


hours per month on Facebook.
How does it all really work?
Social media platforms connect people with similar interests and provides a gathering place for them to share information, recommendations and advice
57% of people are more likely to give referrals online than in real life
7 out of 10
7 out of 10 people who read reviews share them with family, friends and colleagues
69% of twitter follows are influenced by friends
Social media impacts buying decisions
90% of Consumer buying decisions begin on the web and there are a wide variety of services that can influence these decisions.
Services most likely to influence a purchase:
trust reviews from complete strangers
of users prefer to connect with brands on facebook over their websites
Social media yeilds incredible results
Companies who blog effectively produce more traffic and more leads than those who don't
Customers who engage with companies over social media are more loyal and spend up to 40% more
75% of businesses active in social media reported improved SEO rankings
77% of businesses acquired customers via facebook

Now you know how important it is! See what Social Ostrich can offer your Practice.
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