Social Media Matters

Today, social media is becoming a crucial part of any business’s ability to increase their client base. Long gone are the days where a 30 second TV commercial will suffice as your sole marketing tool. If your business does not have a strong social media presence you are missing out on opportunities for growth and brand recognition. For those new to social media it can seem overwhelming at first, so let us very simply tell you the top three platforms in which your business needs to be appearing.


Although Facebook began as a site for college students, it has quickly evolved into one of the leading social media sites for businesses. When you set up a ‘page’ on Facebook, it is essentially creating a mini website for your business. You can market promotions, publicize your brand name, and post events happening for your new and existing clientele. As of January, 2013 there are 168.8 million Facebook users! Don’t you want to be a part of this pool of potential customers?


Twitter’s beginning was similar to Facebook, but is now a mainstream way for businesses to communicate with clients. On twitter you post “tweets” or short messages that will be seen by all of those who follow your business. This is a great way to talk about new promotions happening or simply bring attention to your brand name, through these short message blasts.


Google+ is the newest of the social media tools but provides its users with some unique abilities on its site. Every time your business posts on Google+ it is picked up by the Google search engine. In plain English, this means that when someone searches for your general field of business your name will appear higher up on the list. The more you post, the more recognition you are receiving by potential clients. (Think of it as a customer could find your name on the 1st Google search page, as opposed to the 5th!)

Keeping your head down when it comes to using social media will only hurt your business, so why hide any longer? Using these three most popular social media sites you can strengthen your online presence and build your brand. Get your name out there and grow your business today!

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